Newspaper Design

Having gone through the painstaking task of transcribing interviews, my attention of late has been the designing of a newspaper which is to be my outcome for dissemination. I thought this to be the most appropriate outcome as a newspaper is a cost effective way to present a project that can be disseminated in the pursuit of editorial work in the future. I can send the product to editors and contributors alike as a form of portfolio.

Informed by Leslie (2000) I understand that an audience may not look at the document in a chronological order and that continuity is less important to a newspaper/magazine than it might be in a book. Therefore, my thought process when designing this artefact was to create a range of different visual experiences.

When engaging with this process I was initially mindful of the relationship between text and image.

Does the text format impact the image?

The image impacting on the text?

Does the relationship between the two work?

These general considerations, relevant to each spread before engaging with the decision how ambitious I might be in the design process. However, as a result of my last meeting with Laura my thoughts have been somewhat thrown into chaos as we discussed the opportunity to shoot the project using medium format film. As the FMP has proceeded to unfold, I’ve been cultivating a side project using 120 black and white, mainly in an attempt to understand the process and develop my practice. Having made a number of portraits I have become comfortable using the Bronica ETRSi and feel that I’m at a stage where I could use it effectively. However, with eight weeks left of the FMP, this would mean essentially scrapping the remainder of my digital work. A big risk to take!

Leslie, J. (2000) Issues: New Magazine Design. Calmann & King, London 

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