Shoot 16 | The Mayor

Having bumped into ‘Dean’ at the early stages of my project I took the opportunity to explain my project to him before asking if I could take his photograph. He reluctantly agreed and some months later he returned my email agreeing to take part in the project. I cheekily asked if I could make a photograph in the town hall of Stockport and again he came back to me with a date. In response, I arranged the cover for my work and took an hour to get the photograph.

Having taken out the travel time I had around ten minutes to get a portrait. I intended to utilise off camera flash however the lighting in the room wasn’t great and I was also faced with the problem of the sofa being sat against the wall. This meant that I was blowing the highlights against the gloss texture of the wall. After trying and trying I decided to simplify things by shooting on camera flash. In doing this I was able to use full power directing the flash away from the subject. This rendered decent results. What intrigues me about the final image is the placing and space between the two photographs above his head. I feel this represents a relaxing feel to the photo almost relieving it of tension.

Lord Mayor | Dean Fitzpatrick

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