Shoot 15 | FC Lockdown

The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy with making work for the project. I’m now at a stage where I think I need to slow down with the photo stories as I’m aware the transcription from audio to words on a page is a lengthy process and I’ve got a backlog of files to edit down and transcribe.

Away from the main project I’ve gone back to the football club I worked with in earlier modules only this time shooting a medium format camera. Having experimented with medium format earlier in the FMP I was seduced by the process of making work and immediately took myself to eBay to see if how much money I needed to to get my own camera. However for the time being i’ve managed to secure a long term loan of a Bronica ETRSi. The camera isn’t easy to use and only having an eye level viewfinder isn’t ideal.

The process of finding a vantage point, manual focus, shooting and winding the film is therapeutic. Waiting for the images to be developed is also a different experience to the instantaneous methodology of digital.

However, the most satisfying experience is in no doubt looking through the rich quality of the finished products. And I can’t help but feel that making only medium format work only might help in the selection and sequencing of future projects. At present, my main project is digital and having shot so much I don’t know what to do with all of the work. In shooting medium format, without stating the obvious. My methodology becomes much slower and methodical. Ultimately leading to becoming more excited about the work I am making.

With this football project I’ve had some successes and some failures with manual focus. As a result, more film needs to be ordered and more practice is needed. I will post this work as a page on the website as its own project with the intention of broadening my reach as a diverse photographer.

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