Shoot 3 | Fletcher Moss

Before this shoot I wasn’t sure how the project was coming together, as I usually shoot in a digital format with a zoom lens I can quickly adapt to situations. However, throughout this project I have decided to shoot only using a 35mm lens in an attempt to think more about my work and work harder to identify vantage points.

Furthering my reflections of the work of Sian Davey I previously highlighted the sense of intimacy within her work. Upon deeper research and reflection, I see her work as being very much rooted in the present. This was an element that occurred to me while on this shoot.

Having previously stated that my work would be the result on an ‘insider’ I used a family walk to engage with this idea. Still trying to interpret and fully reflect on this shoot I feel that I have realised a range of intentions that align with my project:

Making work that is situated in the present

Identifying opportunities to represent a mediation of culture and environment

Making work insular

I am pleased to be considering these themes as the shoot served to alleviate some anxieties I have about the emotional nature of a new project. Furthermore, I see this work possibly making up a small part of a much bigger story. When making work of late, perhaps wrongly or right, I am continually thinking about where work such as this may fit within a broader theme.

In terms of the question of authenticity, I am quite pleased that I have encompassed elements of the local climate. Manchester is a wet place, and in encompassing echoes of the recent floods confirms the work as in the present.

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