William Eggleston

When researching the work of people I admire and with the future vernacular of my project in mind. I have come to learn that ‘endless looking’ at photographs especially online is helpful and in doing this I usually re-establish a relationship with photographs that perhaps I had forgotten in the past.

At this stage I have a number of thoughts and ideas in mind, at this moment, my reflections are in the direction of quieter, more poetic work. Reflecting and looking at my own work I feel that I haven’t quite given myself the credit I deserve for my efforts and output. Looking at the body of work i have created over the last eighteen months or so, I think that I probably have a good edit of something. What that is I am unsure, maybe it will reveal itself in months, years to come.

In growing frustrated with my usual method of contextual research I decided to do something different. I set myself the task of researching a specific photographer using google images and taking screen shots of the work that stands out. This process may or may not prove fruitful as a future reference so I thought i’d give it a try.

Here is a selection of work from William Eggleston which I felt represents the spaces in between spaces.

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