Week | 11 Plan Going Forward

Plan going forward: 

Saturday 12th Dec I am shooting a wedding for the first time since Aug. In addition to shooting digital I am going to shoot a roll of 35mm film. 

Go in a new direction.

I am going to occupy my local market and make portraits of the people in this space. This will potentially be the route for my FMP. Undecided as yet. 


Set up a new website which is purely focused on my personal projects. This will be minimal and led by the visuals with writing only a supporting element as opposed to my wedding website which is constructed with SEO in mind. 

Produce a physical portfolio in preparation for seeking reviews. 

Finally, continue to research photographers who work on editorial content. This is where I would like to take my work so I will be scrutinising others with the purpose of aligning my work in a fashion that will appeal to editors whilst maintaining the authenticity of my own voice.  

Medium Term

I am going to continue to make work venturing more into the analogue realm, the objective of this will be to acclimatise myself with shooting film with the intention of appealing to this community in addition to editors who commission work of this nature. Longer term I will use money raised from shooting weddings to fund the purchase of a medium format camera. I find this prospect exciting in terms of adding further detail into my work.

Listening to the Maximus Barnett lecture I found the work of Nadia Lee to be interesting, especially as the conversation led towards social media strategy. I found the idea of overlapping between personal and commission work to be interesting in terms of selling not just work but a personality and outlook on life. In a sea of images I feel this approach to be on paper a good idea to broaden appeal. This is something I haven’t really experimented with but will do going forward.

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