Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice

At this stage in my development as a photographer I am currently trying to find my voice by exploring and engaging with the work of others in addition to heightening my understanding of the photograph making process through the reading of academic texts. At this stage the works of Barthez and Sontag are enlightening in terms of understanding the broader context of why photographs matter and their continued relevance in the world which we inhabit.

The relationship with film has been of particular interest in exploring their relationship with a visceral world and understanding their fundamental differences has illustrated the power that the photograph has in terms of holding our attention and having potential to change the way that we see the world. Understanding the idea of ‘stillness’ and reflecting on the power of stillness is something that especially resonates. The photograph of the Hindenburg disaster taken by Sam Shere has had a particular impact in terms of exemplifying a horrifying but spectacular nature of the still image.

The story of the Bang Bang Club has also served to heighten my understanding, Kevin Carter especially has assisted in generating a respect of photojournalism and the potential pitfalls of such work in addition to McCullin’s omission of becoming a ‘War Junkie’. These areas have provoked thought surrounding the human impact on such persons seeking out war and suffering, connecting them to intrinsic thoughts about human mortality. The relationship between the photographer and the story behind a photograph and its historical context is an area that may provide the basis of a research project however isn’t what was intended.

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