Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 Reflection  This week has been quite strange and varied. In contemplating the copyright case between Prince and Cariou, I always find it difficult to make judgements about such disagreements as I feel that both parties were able to present credible arguments with justified reasoning. Therefore I often feel that I run out ofContinue reading “Week 2 Reflection”

Week 1: Independent Reflection

The first week of the Sustainable Prospects module was one of acclimatising to the mindset of academia having had some time off. Over the break I didn’t create much work as I needed time to contemplate my project while considering the potential avenues I could explore further. The last module once again represented significant growthContinue reading “Week 1: Independent Reflection”

Week 1: Forum – Research Methods

At present, my research is focussing on the development of my voice in terms of producing a personal monograph. To date I feel that I have struggled to produce a WIPP that really reflects my intentions. This has been the case in each module although I do feel that my practice has developed significantly throughoutContinue reading “Week 1: Forum – Research Methods”

Shoot | The M60 and the Mersey

Continuing on from the last module where my work focussed on the production of a monograph which visualises the relationship I had with my Father who passed in 2015. This project had evolved from a football theme into a self exploration of my own thoughts, feelings and grief. Whilst reflecting on what I’d learned sinceContinue reading “Shoot | The M60 and the Mersey”