Week 9 | One to One

Reflecting on a one to one is usually an extremely loaded experience, trying to remember the reams of feedback but this time was slightly different. I went into the meeting quietly confident that my WIPP encompassed much stronger work in a technical sense than in previous modules. I feel that the endless research is beginningContinue reading “Week 9 | One to One”

Week 7 | Amy Simmons Shoot

In response to the brief set by Amy Simmons, I decided to conduct a fashion shoot with the intention of demonstrating the intimacy between clothes and lifestyle of aspirational audiences in their twenties.  In making environmental portraits I was able to establish a connection between people and place. Aiming for a cosmopolitan theme in additionContinue reading “Week 7 | Amy Simmons Shoot”

Week 9 | Project Reflection

As the module draws to its conclusion and the anxiety of submission sets in I find myself in difficult position. Having completed a number of shoots I am acutely aware of the disjuncture within my work. My early work took me back to the documentary origins of my project surrounding the football environment which wasContinue reading “Week 9 | Project Reflection”

Interview | Chris Keane (Keano)

This shoot took me Reddish where I arranged to interview a former close friend and teammate Chris. Around eight years ago, Keano disappeared. Only to be seen occasionally where others would report having seen him and made small talk. Being one of his closest friends I was annoyed at him for going off the radar.Continue reading “Interview | Chris Keane (Keano)”

Week 7 | Presentation – Commercial Commissions with Amy Simmons

I found this lecture insightful and interesting as it provided a roadmap on how to get commercial commissions. Within my current practice as a wedding photographer, I had familiarised myself with the methodologies of getting work however the commercial works outside weddings always appeared a bit of a mystery. I was particularly interested in theContinue reading “Week 7 | Presentation – Commercial Commissions with Amy Simmons”

Contextual Research | Alpha Exhibition

Due to the recent death of one of my former teammates, I begun to think about my project in a different light. Considering the DNA of my work I feel like the real story of my work lies in the people, the personalities and the overarching theme of mental health. Having struggled throughout my lifeContinue reading “Contextual Research | Alpha Exhibition”

Contextual Research | Jooney Woodward

In moving towards an editorial style of work, I decided to conduct some online research, looking for editorial portrait photographs. It was then that I found an interesting image on the guardian website, I saw that the the image was taken by Jooney Woodward. Curious to find out more, a quick google search and thereContinue reading “Contextual Research | Jooney Woodward”